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Tribute to Ben Geigerman

Sunday 7/24/2011

Posted on Facebook by Louis Geigerman

As many of you are now aware my dear sweet beautiful son, Ben died on Sunday afternoon. Ben had just two months ago graduated cum laude at Texas State University in San Marcos.

The tragic part of his death is that he really never understood the unique qualities in his sense of humor, his incredible insight, love of his family and loyalty to his friends. Now he is gone and I am so hurt from the pain of his death.

Hana Karny who knew and taught Ben many years ago commented that after Shiva the first night, Ben's friends from college shared a DVD they put together out of pictures & video clips that they had of them with Benjamin. They told personal stories that touched every one in the room.

She was especially touched when Joann showed the certificate with some pictures made for Benji when he was in her Pre-K class at Brith Shalom in 1993-94.

Hana took the time to share her memories of Ben as one of her students. She said that Ha-Shem's ways are mysterious and we do not always understand them. Hana also said that listening to Ben's friend's stories was a lesson to us all about tolerance and unconditional friendships. She added: This should be made into a movie for the world to learn from. These friends were laughing with Benjamin - not at him!!! That is what a mitzvah is all about said Ben' father to her later on.

The friends talked about how Ben had enriched their lives and how he made them have fun and laugh as a true friend. Louise added that we would like to write their parents so that he can tell them what great children they have and about the difference they made in Ben's life.

Kelsi Donato who helped make the video wrote: This is a slideshow of all the great times we shared with Ben through college. I am so grateful for these memories, and will hold them close forever. RIP Ben, thank you for everything you have given to all of those around you, you taught and brought more joy to others in your life cut too short than you could ever imagine.