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TopSoccer - 2019 known as Super Stars Soccer & Basketball

TopSoccer - in 2017 the name changed to Super Starts Soccer

    * * * there is also Super Stars Basketball - both are mainly skills, training and a short noncompetitive practice game.

Volunteers assist participants as needed. 

Main JCC 5601 S. Braeswood, Houston TX 77096

Contact Information: ERJCC - Main # (713) 729-3200

Next Soccer Session - starts Sunday 3/xx/2020 at 5 pm - indoor gym - ends ???

Next Basketball Session - same as above but at 4 pm 

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2014 New Logo - on Team T-shirts

TOPSoccer Logo

TOPSoccer - Contact Information:
Parent: Mark K. text/cell (713) 540-5850 or e-mail

Previous TOPSoccer - Videos & Pictures
Click on links below:

(1) 3/10/2010 - Fox News TV 26 by Greg Groogan on TOPSoccer at the JCC
(2) TOPSoccer @ The JCC with Volunteer Josh Roberts as Coach - practice, skills & drills - social interaction

Pictures taken over the last few years - suspended.

Original JCC program started in 2005 by Coach Sergio Rosenhek.

Players / Participants T-Shirt - Volunteers have the word Volunteer above the logo

TOPSoccer is an "outreach soccer program catering to participants with limited abilities" and facilitated by a Coach and volunteers" - preferably at least one volunteer to each participant.

Most of the sessions are "soccer skills" and the last 15 minutes the participants play amongst themselves - it is noncompetitive and just plain fun and exercise.

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with limited abilities, organized by youth soccer association volunteers (or in the case of SW Houston, by parents & volunteers). The program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl, who has a mental or physical disability. The goal is to enable young athletes with disabilities &/or limited abilities to become valued and successful members of the Soccer family.

Shirt Sizing

Structure – Kids might not respond in a manner that you might have expected. You need to be patient with the kids and aware of who is being attentive and who needs to be assisted. Some of these children may be visual communicators and not vocal communicators. You may need to show them instead of telling them. If they do not seem to be getting it, feel free to demonstrate.

Consistency/Routine – Most kids will need repetition and preferably a program that always starts with the same things, ends with the same things and is very similar to what was done the week before. If you tell them something, you must stick to it. Most do not accept change well, but additional skills can be added when appropriate. Avoid long verbal instructions.

Close supervision and direction – the kids respond best with one-on-one interaction. We need someone to make sure that participants are engaged and not just running around. So, being here each week is very important. Try to make sure you work with the same participant each week. You will grow a special bond with them. Also, make sure you know their names, do not call them Buddy, hey you, just calling them by their name, they will respond best.

Role models - Be responsible, it is important to be here regularly so there is consistency and you get to know them and they get to know you. Demonstrate appropriate behaviors and be outgoing. Do not be afraid to talk to participants and try to form a relationship with them. Be warm, accepting and encouraging and not just standing there waiting for the coach to tell you what to do. These kids should know what you are going to do ahead of class so they can apply it if you walk out of the room or cannot be there. Please double up with the participants if you are able to, if we are short of volunteers. If we have more volunteers than participants, double up the other way. Don’t be afraid to ask a parent or care giver for help. While you don’t want to do it constantly, the parents will be happy to help you make sure their kids have a great time.

Surroundings – Loud sounds can hurt many of their ears. While we cannot close down the gym completely, if you hear of loud noises from the other half of the gym, ask the people on the other side to please keep it down and explain to them about the class (who knows they may become interested and want to volunteer). Make sure the Top Soccer area is free of any obstructions and dangers before starting any activity. Some participants may have walkers or wheel chairs; it is ok to modify the activity to meet those needs.

Friends – If you know of someone who will be great for this program, please bring them out.

Remember every child is different and the perception is different as well. The more you know them, the more fun everyone will have.

Give the program your entire attention which means you should not be distracted by cell phones.

Thank you for helping us with this program, Top Soccer cannot run without great people like you.

If ever you cannot make it, please email Mark by 3:00 that Sunday

Please complete this form and e-mail it to Mark:

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer)

Download a Signup Sheet

Thank you for helping us with this program, Top Soccer cannot run without great people like you.

If ever you cannot make it, please email Mark by 3:00 that Sunday