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Welcome to - Houston Jewish Special Needs

Quote to remember: “Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.” Mark Twain

Abilities (accentuate the positive) vs dis-abilities but either way, acknowledge that everyone has their own way of doing things ...

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss

Think Autism. Think Cure.

Click on the icons as they lead to specific parts of sites with Special Needs information - also try the tabs Links, Files (still need the hyperlinks) Organizations and News/articles.

For the current detailed calendar please join the "Yahoo Group" which also has discussions and many messages. Please take note that many links will redirect you to other web sites - some are current and some might not be.

This site is specifically for those of us who are technically challenged and were not able to join or access the many features of the old Yahoo Group that unfortunatly Yahoo discontinued in 2020.  We can still use their good old email ... 

Thanks to Zak K. for his Tzedakah from his Bar Mitzvah - we now have a web site dedicated to include most (* but not all) of the files, links, photos and the calendar of events. * Some of the more personal photos, files and links will remain only accessible to those who join and navigate the free Yahoo Group site.

"Tzedakah is a Hebrew word commonly translated as charity, though it is based on a root meaning justice - Shoftim (Justice) was Zak's parsha."

"The Players"


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CYJ - Camp Young Judaea - Texas  *  now offers a NEW inclusive Summer Program 

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"Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words"

Houston Jewish Special Needs is a free parent driven group dedicated to assisting other parents, grandparents and care givers obtain information within the local Jewish community in one place - that is easy to access.

The was started in the spirit of a suggestion that everyone in the Houston Jewish Community work together to compliment the programs that local Jewish Organizations already run or plan to run in the future. (We need to cater to ALL ages that have Special Needs.) Contact Us Today!

The initial intention was to help assess the local wants and needs within our Community. More details were shown in posts in the old Yahoo Group as it was a great forum for open discussion about your personal wants and needs within the Houston Jewish Community and to promote positive ideas and/or announcements about activities and events. Unfortunatlyddd d

Since the group was formed in January 2007 numerous links and pictures from events have been added. (*** 08/2007: Join and read about the NEW JFS - Alexander Institute, get and complete the NEW questionnaire and give your positive input regarding what services you want or need.) * 2019 looking to more information ...

If you have any ideas or incur any problems with communication trying to reach other members, please feel free to contact me directly so that I can try to assist.


Mark Katzenellenbogen

Wish list

Yad B'Yad (inclusive Jewish School program) to gain more participation and start up again on a regular basis.

Sibling Support Group (UPDATE: SIB shop introduction event 02/06/2011 but currently on hold)

Residential / group facility day hopefully before the year 2099

Contrary to popular belief

"Not everyone with Special Needs was born with their issues, many acquired them"

Ever heard of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, brain or heart aneurism, car or plane wreck, typically developing and went to the prom then all of a sudden ...?

To quote Rabbi Bradley Artson - "There are only two types of people those who have Special Needs and those who will have Special Needs".

3 articles to read 2013

There are 3 different eye opening articles to read
- click on the "Let's Talk" tab or the links below:

1) A More Welcoming Shul

2) Jewish Day Schools' Dirty Little Secret

3) Op-Ed: Play the money card to push rights for disabled

Learn how to help jewish families with special needs children & young adults.

Call (713) 728-5547